Pranic Healing

 Pranic healing


As a service to the community, the L.I.G.H.T. Group is hosting a Free Pranic Energy Healing Clinic from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, the 1st Sunday of each month.

To receive service, we strongly encourage you to arrive promptly at 3 pm. We will provide a short overview of pranic healing, followed by a healing meditation—Twin Hearts Meditation. The Twin Hearts Meditation is a guided meditation that helps reduce stress, promotes inner peace and enhances healing. It requires us to do some simple exercises prior to and after the meditation to release dirty or blocked energy.   The meditation is part of the healing service.  You can do this meditation at home through the following link.  Remember to do some simple exercises before and after the meditation.  Use your judgement on what you can physically do.

You will be required to complete a form so we can assign a pranic healer to work with you.

We offer this free service on a first come basis.   We apologize ahead of time if you do not receive services. This free service is based on the volunteer efforts of pranic healers.

We encourage all to give a small donation to the L.I.G.H.T. group.

Contact Lynn Provenzano, or 915 449-0619

 What is Pranic Healing?

We have a physical body and an energy body that consists of chakras or energy distribution centers, and meridians, which transport energy to different chakras, the organs and other parts of our physical body.  A clean and healthy energy body protects our physical body and promotes self-healing.

Pranic healing is a non-touch from of energy healing.  We use our hands or crystals about 1 to 2 feet from your body to cleanse and energize the energy body and consequently the physical body.  We scan your chakras (energy centers) to see if they are congested or depleted.  Next, we clean your chakras and body using gentle sweeping motions with our hands or crystals.  Last, we energize your chakras or places of disease and pain.  We follow protocols for healing developed by Master Cho Kok Sui.  His books contain numerous methods to promote the healing process.  Please note that pranic healing complements modern or western medicine.  It does not replace it.  If you have any health problems, please speak to your doctor immediately.  For videos and readings, visit

Guidelines on what to do after a pranic healing session

You may not feel relief immediate after the pranic healing session.  Energy flows to the energy body before it assimilates into the physical body.  It can take several sessions a week for months or years to completely experience relief.  It’s important to be receptive to the healing for it to work for you.  Below are some guidelines to help the energy assimilate into the physical body.

  • Preferably do not wash or shower 12 to 24 hours after sessions. This further allows the assimilation of energy in the emotional and physical body.
  • Eat light meals and abstain (do not eat) red meats for 12 to 24 hours. Red meat requires much energy to digest and is also a low form of energy.
  • Try to rest after the session. Follow your normal routine but no excessive exercises or activities.
  • Try to keep your thoughts and actions focused positively. This allows the healing energy to be more fully absorbed. Mentally repeating the affirmation “I completely, deeply, permanently accept all the healing energy, Thank You” several times throughout the next two days can also assist the process.
  • Begin taking salt baths on a regular basis if your ailment is severe. At least 2-3 times a week. This cleanses the energy field around the body, helping it to stay cleaner and healthier, which can accelerate the rate of healing.  Salt Bath: Use 1-2 cups of regular table salt or rock salt. It need not be expensive as sea salt. Dissolve the salt in a bath of water. Fill the tub enough to cover the entire. Body. Soak for 20-30 minutes and follow with a regular shower to wash off the salt water.
  • Begin doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts. This meditation will help to continue the cleansing and healing process, as well as facilitate a state of peace and clarity.  Meditation on Twin Hearts can be found at:

To learn more about pranic healing, please visit:

Links to the Twin Hearts Meditation  Click here for the 15 minute version.  

“Regular practice of Twin Hearts Meditation reinforces the act of internal giving through blessing the earth and all people.  It makes you strong and gives you the ability to be centered within and to become more balanced”  Master Choa Kok Sui.  When practiced on a regular basis, people have experienced healthier physical bodies, less stress, inner peace, love and compassion.  Please note that you can buy the full version of the Twin Hearts Meditation with guided exercises at one of the national pranic healing web sites.

People who have the following conditions should not practice this meditation of a regular basis:

*Persons below 16 years of age

*Patients with severe heart ailments, hypertension or glaucoma

*Pregnant women should not do this intensely or frequently

*Heavy smokers

*Heavy meat eaters

Persons who engage in excessive use of alcohol, addictive and/or hallucinogenic drugs.

Pranic Healing National Web Sites

You can learn more about pranic healing at   You can learn of classes and events, engage in online meditations and watch videos on pranic healing.  You can also buy books and CDs.  We hope you seriously think about taking classes in pranic healing so you can heal yourself and others in your family and the community.





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